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BhashaIndia : Indic Bloggers Awards 2006

Another round of Indian Blogging Awards. this time from BhashaIndia(Microsoft). More info from their site http://bhashaindia.com/Contests/IBA/. Nominations are open now. The Indic Bloggers Awards was conceptualized with the aim of encouraging those people who till date have been not only expressing their opinions but also promoting the use of an Indian language on the Internet. […]

maganti.org 6

This site is improving day by day with rich telugu content. I recommond this to all telugu community to recollect all their childhood memories and this helps the current generation know about our past telugu culture, short stories..etc… Hats Off Vamsi… Keep up the good work… http://www.maganti.org

Telugu Language Tools & Fonts from Indian Government 4

The Indian Union Ministry of Information Technology and Communications in association with its IT arm, the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing has released Telugu software & fonts for free use on 28/10/2005. This Includes: – Telugu language true type fonts with keyboard driver, multi-font keyboard engine – Telugu language Unicode compliant keyboard drivers – Generic fonts code […]

Padma – Firefox Extension Update

New version of Padma is out.   Version 0.4.1 Added: Support for TeluguLipi font Added: Support for Kairali, Revathi and Manorama fonts (Malayalam) Added: Support for Transform from ISCII and ITRANS to Malayalam, Tamil and Devanagari Added: Support for Firefox 1.5 beta Added: Support for setting text alignment to left if specified as justify for […]

Padma: A Telugu Text Transformer

Till now I was using the RTS to Unicode conversion tool listed on emata http://www.eemaata.com/unicode/rts2unicodeExt.html  for converting RTS text to Telugu. Since I recently shifted to Firefox, I was looking for such an extension for Firefox and found it at http://padma.mozdev.org/ developed by Nagarjuna Venna . Thanks for the extension Nagarjuna garu… Padma is a […]