Lot of buzz going around the blogosphere for the last few days about the release of new Firefox version 2.0(Bon Echo). The Alpha 1 release is now official and is available on Mozilla site. Some of the changes/features in the new version are : – Changes to tabbed browsing behavior. […]

Firefox 2.0 alpha 1

Firefox released. Here’s what’s new in Firefox Improved stability. Improved support for Mac OS X. International Domain Name support for Iceland (.is) is now enabled. Fixes for several memory leaks. Several security enhancements. Get it on Mizilla’s site…


Till now I was using the RTS to Unicode conversion tool listed on emata  for converting RTS text to Telugu. Since I recently shifted to Firefox, I was looking for such an extension for Firefox and found it at developed by Nagarjuna Venna . Thanks for the extension […]

Padma: A Telugu Text Transformer