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Technology Talk from September 24th 2007 to September 25th 2007

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today: What is scalability ? – Scalability, simply, is about doing what you do in a bigger way. Scaling a web application is all about allowing more people to use your application. If you can?t figure out how to improve performance while scaling out, its okay. And as long […]

Technology Talk for August 28th 2007

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today: Net Profiles : Switch between Networks Easily – It eliminates the need to manually reconfigure your network settings when you move your desktop/laptop computer to another location. Once a profile is created, Net Profiles can configure your IP settings, proxy settings, mapped drives, default printer, wa Ultimate Developer […]

Linkblog for Monday, 31 July, 2006

Windows software in Linux The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux. Damicon List of open-source software links Network Monitoring Tools This is a list of tools used for Network (both LAN and WAN) Monitoring tools and where to find out more about them. Configure OpenNMS Step By Step | […]

Microsoft has acquired Winternals Software and Sysinternals

I am a big fan of SysInternals freeware utilities and a regular visitor to Mark’s Blog. Today I have seen a post in Mark’s blog saying he is joining Microsoft Some of the points from his post: I’m very pleased to announce that Microsoft has acquired Winternals Software and Sysinternals. Bryce Cogswell and I founded […]

Linkblog for Thursday, 18 May, 2006

SkillSoft Course Library Good collection of Skillsoft courses Nine Key Factors Behind a Successful Technical Career MindTree’s Article on Building Successful Technical Career Free Undelete Utility Recovers Deleted Files, Unerases Lost Data FreeUndelete is a freeware data recovery program for deleted files. In case of accidental deletion of files on a NTFS (used by default […]

List of Freeware to Solve 450+ Common Problems

eConsultent has listed down Freeware utilities for solving our day-to-day common problems. These are extremely useful utilities that do specific jobs really well for free which save time and money. One more link that you can bookmark for the Freeware listings. http://www.econsultant.com/i-want-freeware-utilities/index.html Opensource Freeware listing is available here. http://www.econsultant.com/i-want-open-source-software/index.html

Linkblog for Monday, 06 March, 2006

SCPD – Enrolled Students – Course Previews Stanford Course Previews CleanSoftware.org – Free software, no nasties! CleanSoftware.org is a resource to help Windows users find the best free daily-use software, free from nasties: adware, spyware, harmful/intrusive components, and threats to privacy. SH/SC Wiki : UsefulWindowsSoftware This is an organized list of all the software mentioned […]