July 13, 2007
Technology Talk from July 9th 2007 to July 12th 2007

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July 11, 2007
Pownce Invites

I have 5 Pownce invites with me.
First 5 people who drop a comment here will get their Pownce invite.

NOTE: Give a valid mail ID in the comment box. Invite will be sent to that ID.

July 7, 2007
Technology Talk from July 5th 2007 to July 6th 2007

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

  • Web 2.0 Badges - Useful collection of stylish web 2.0 badges and badge generator. Create your own Web2.0 Badge here.
  • A Simple Introduction to Device Drivers under Linux - Learn how to write simple Linux kernel modules and device drivers.
  • Who is Hosting This? - Who Is Hosting This is a tool that enables you to find out who is hosting any web site. Simply type in any domain name, and you’ll get a link to the company that’s hosting this particular domain.
  • The Top Ten Free Website Tools and Services - The internet abounds with freebies and a do-no-evil attitude. And although there are many services that are worth every penny that you pay, here are the top ten freebies to help you build traffic and create a better visitor experience on your web site.
  • Blogger’s Choice Awards - Blogs that are currently making an impact in the blogosphere

July 5, 2007
OpenOffice Plugin for Microsoft Office

Good news to Microsoft Office & Open Office users. Sun has made ODF Plugin 1.0 for Microsoft Office available for download on their site.

The plug-in is an extension to Microsoft Office that allows it to read and write ISO standard ODF files. It supports Office 2000, XP, and 2003, and works on Windows XP and Vista. It adds to MS Office the ability to read and write ODF text, spreadsheet, and presentation files (.odt, .ods, and .odp) - the ISO standard editions of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Furthermore, ODF text files (.odt) can be made the default format for MS-Word thanks to this plug-in (and double-clicking on an ODF text file on the desktop would automatically open it in MS-Word).

[Via: Peter Korn]

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July 5, 2007
Cool Websites Tips and Tricks for July 4th 2007

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

July 4, 2007
Download Videos from Youtube,Google,iFilm…

UnPlug is yet another Firefox extension to download the embedded media files in webpages on sites like Youtube.
UnPlug is an extension which lets you save video and audio which is embedded on a webpage. UnPlug scans web pages and tells you where media players are getting their data from, and displays it as a simple hyperlink: in most cases, you can then follow the simple download link to save the media file. UnPlug works for lots of sites including youtube.com, ifilm.com,current.tv, revver.com, peekvid.com, ideo.google.com, mobuzztv.com and lots, lots more. Unlike many other extensions, UnPlug scans the page, and if it doesn’t know there the data comes from it can guess - correctly most of the time.
Download it here : UnPlug
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July 4, 2007
Gmail got its Official Blog

Today I noticed that Google has created another official blog this time for GMail.

Bookmark it now : The Official GMail Blog

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July 4, 2007
Find your Favorite Google Custom Search Engine

Now, it’s easier for you to find all of these CSEs. Go to the Featured Examples page and type relevant words into the search box at the top of the page. Google will search for these words in the fields for the search engine’s name, description, keywords, and popular queries. If you’re interested in finding a search engine to contribute to, search specifically for search engines that allow volunteers. For instance, if you’re most interested in non-profit organizations, search only for non-profit search engines.

Try it here GCSE

[Via: Google CSE Blog]

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July 4, 2007
Technology Talk for July 3rd 2007

July 3, 2007
FeedBurner is offering PRO features for Free

Good news to all Feedburner users. After the recent acquisition by Google FeedBurner is offering the some of the PRO features for free from today onwards. TotalStats and MyBrand, both previously for-pay services, are now being
offered at no charge.

Just login to your account and just enable these features. Happy blogging:)

[Via: Mashable]

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